When it comes to finding a job in Detroit, D:hive has something for everyone. Whether it’s Detroit Wants You or Intern in Michigan, the programs we offer focus on bringing attention to great opportunities in Detroit.


Hyperlink Detroit


Hyperlink Detroit is a bi-weekly resource focused on recruiting and retaining great talent with the technical skills needed to fill the growing demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals in Detroit. Hyperlink Detroit will showcase the abundance of STEM opportunities in the city and give you insider’s access to the latest job opportunities, networking events, and tech-related news. Sign up for Hyperlink Detroit here.


Detroit Wants You


Detroit Wants You is our way to share great job opportunities, news, and events with you. We feature positions from a variety of industries that require different skill-sets and backgrounds; so there’s a little something for everybody. This insider resource is sent out regularly and includes the latest job openings along with news articles and events related to the job market in Detroit. Sign up to Detroit Wants You with this online form today, it just may lead you to the job of your dreams.


Intern In Michigan


For many competitive jobs, or positions where prior experience is necessary, internships have replaced entry-level positions as the first step in a new career. Intern in Michigan is a free internship resource that connects internship opportunities with available employees and students into one efficient web-based tool. Job seekers can track their progress and research new careers with exclusive web content. A majority of the internships offered on the site are paid, so upload your profile and begin your search today.


WORK Office Hours


Stop by and get some face-to-face tips on your job search with our work resident. At D:hive Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-2pm. Sign up to reserve a spot here.


For information about any of D:hive’s jobs resources or programs, e-mail us at jobs@dhivedetroit.org or call 313.962.4590. We’re here to help!