We’ll be the first to admit it—“engage” is pretty hard to define. Is it volunteering? Attending events? Joining an organization? Whatever the definition may be, we want you to find what engagement means to you! Here are just a few of our ideas:



Be proactive in expressions of love toward Detroit. Share your favorite facts, people, or places. Whether it be a passing conversation or a tweet, don’t be shy!  Want even more reasons to love Detroit? Grab some friends and take a D:hive tour, or craft a private tour just to your liking.



Frequent a Detroit local spot for a night out. Support organizations that make it their business to support Detroit. Share your talents, expertise and passion with Detroit. Volunteer your time, resources and skills for its betterment. Check out our Resources for ways to get started.



Whether you have lived here for 25 years or 25 hours, there are always opportunities to make Detroit feel more like home. From changing your address, to joining a picking game of baseball, to simply sitting on your porch, it’s the little things that make Detroit home sweet home. Be a Detroit citizen! Visit the Welcome Center or see our Resources for more information.



If you live in Detroit, vote in Detroit. Every individual resident of the city can make a big difference by making their voice heard. Get involved, get informed, and exercise your civic duty. Declare Detroit. Voting shows your commitment to Detroit’s present and future.  Don’t wait… get started today.


How do you DO engagement in Detroit? Let us know your ideas at engage@dhivedetroit.org!